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Hot nude movie scenes of Krista Allen

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Krista Allen has been in Hollywood for quite some time now and before she made it big with her television appearances on both Days of our Lives and Baywatch Hawaii, she has appeared on several movie endeavors and you might have seen Krista shed some skin on the bigscreen showing off her sexy butt and plump tits while making love to her leading man in some of the sexiest nude movie scenes you can ever think of. Well you’re just in luck and the guys have gathered some of the most revealing nude movie scenes Krista had ever made and now you can reminisce once more those moments with our video collection that we have in our arsenal.

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Krista shows off her tits with her topless photos

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Krista Allen may be one of the hottest Hollywood babes ever to come out recently and she truly got everyone’s attention most especially with the guys when she did her thing for the TV series Baywatch Hawaii. But it comes as a surprise that we have uncovered these topless photos of Krista that has been circulating in cyberspace and there are literally tons of those smoking pictures as she poses seductively in front of the camera and expose those lovely pair of tits for her personal keepsake. But unfortunately some individual had leaked those images and now the entire world can get to see those elusive topless photos in one exclusive picture set that is all yours to enjoy.

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Krista Allen’s hot nude pictures

Monday, December 1st, 2008

You may have drooled yourself to death when Krista Allen showed off her uber sexy body in Baywatch Hawaii but what we are about to show you might tickle your fancy as we gathered some of this gorgeous babe’s revealing nude pictures that we have gathered and compiled in one amazing photo set that is ready to sizzle your PC monitors as Krista lovingly takes everything off and flaunts her barenaked body in front of the camera as you feast those hungry eyes on her luscious pair of tits and that mouth-watering pussy.

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