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February 22nd, 2017 by christian

I want to introduce you to these 4 amazing celebrity blogs that totally deliver what they promise in terms of quality and sexiness.

Hayden Panettiere Such a cutie pie, and totally the girl next door kind of look and feel. I never liked her movies much but I do love this babe.
Tea Leoni is not one of the most famous celebs I know that, but I do like the way she carries herself. Something very sexy about that, ohh and the fake nudes are just too much fun to miss.
Selena Gomez I read somewhere that she has Lupus, poor thing but it surely doesn’t make her any less hot in my eyes. You go girl, and if you ever need a boyfriend that is not a fag (cough cough Justin) then I am always here for you.
Christina Hendricks Okay seriously this girl is not even my type, only reason I put her in this list is because the blogs owner asked me nicely haha. I am sure that some of you out there must love her though. So probably no harm in adding her for some nice pretend nudes.

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December 6th, 2016 by J

A naughty leaked lesbian sex tape shows Krista Allen giving some hot young chick a nice ass-slappin’. They then get naked on a couch while filming themselves and Allen got her bald cunt finger-banged and eaten. It’s rumoured that she met this carpet-munching hottie through her modelling agency.

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July 18th, 2016 by J

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You gotta see this naughty leaked sex tape of Krista Allen and how well she handles a black man’s huge dick! She just needs to spread those fine stems wider and let this horny BBC do his thing between them. Teasing her wet cunt by slappin’ that cock on her stiff clit then slowly pushing and giving her hard thrusts until he cums on her breasts and face.

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March 16th, 2016 by J

This video might pass for a scene in the 2002 film, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, but she ain’t acting for a director to be shown on the screens while sucking on big fat cocks on the bed. This is one of her gangbang sessions with pals of then husband, Mams Taylor. When you show your wild and hardcore side to you hubby who is fond of theesomes or orgies, chances are he will be selling the idea of going into one with his friends and promising a hot and fun time. Looks like he wasn’t kidding, as Krista Allen looks rather comfy getting drilled by a couple of hung jocks and taking them inside their mouth as well. She’s so having a good time that she had someone record this encounter and vowed to get more of those hot and sticky cum soon.

Krista Allen drenched in hot cum

Some chicks are not even comfortable having some third party to share her lover with but Krista is not your typical Californian babe. She’s up for something out of the box when it comes to breaking sexual taboos. And we can all agree how well she does it, you know, breaking rules. Was thinking that maybe her former partners can’t take how wild she can get and can’t stop her from riding a bunch of random dicks that’s why they have to split. They simply can’t catch up with her knowing that she prefers sucking a lot of cocks and getting drenched with jizz from different men, plus getting plowed all at the same time.

Krista Allen nude pics at the beach

May 3rd, 2010 by krist

I have only one weakness. It ain’t money or cars. It’s chicks with big jugs. And when we talk about big jugs, only one woman comes to my mind and that is Krista Allen. How can you seriously not get a hard-on by looking at Krista Allen’s tits? I tried to make a straight face but my dick can’t handle this level of hotness in my screen.

These nude pics show Krista Allen naked in some exotic beach. Look at that smoking hot body in those caves. I would only wish to be trapped with Krista Allen in that island. Her tits would be ripe and her pussy raw while I fuck her hard every night. I know this is just wishful thinking so until my fantasy becomes reality, I’ll settle for the rest of these pics of Krista Allen’s tits and ass over in this site!

Hot nude movie scenes of Krista Allen

December 1st, 2008 by krist

Krista Allen has been in Hollywood for quite some time now and before she made it big with her television appearances on both Days of our Lives and Baywatch Hawaii, she has appeared on several movie endeavors and you might have seen Krista shed some skin on the bigscreen showing off her sexy butt and plump tits while making love to her leading man in some of the sexiest nude movie scenes you can ever think of. Well you’re just in luck and the guys have gathered some of the most revealing nude movie scenes Krista had ever made and now you can reminisce once more those moments with our video collection that we have in our arsenal.

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December 1st, 2008 by krist

Krista Allen may be one of the hottest Hollywood babes ever to come out recently and she truly got everyone’s attention most especially with the guys when she did her thing for the TV series Baywatch Hawaii. But it comes as a surprise that we have uncovered these topless photos of Krista that has been circulating in cyberspace and there are literally tons of those smoking pictures as she poses seductively in front of the camera and expose those lovely pair of tits for her personal keepsake. But unfortunately some individual had leaked those images and now the entire world can get to see those elusive topless photos in one exclusive picture set that is all yours to enjoy.

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December 1st, 2008 by krist

You may have drooled yourself to death when Krista Allen showed off her uber sexy body in Baywatch Hawaii but what we are about to show you might tickle your fancy as we gathered some of this gorgeous babe’s revealing nude pictures that we have gathered and compiled in one amazing photo set that is ready to sizzle your PC monitors as Krista lovingly takes everything off and flaunts her barenaked body in front of the camera as you feast those hungry eyes on her luscious pair of tits and that mouth-watering pussy.

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